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Youth Adventure Camps

Stimulate an appreciation for nature

Maine youth fish and game camps provide a unique outdoor opportunity for children to learn about wildlife conservation in a fun, interactive way. With a focus on environmental education and hands-on learning, we believe that our youth hold the key to a sustainable future. Through programs such as Wilderness Survival, Junior Maine Guide and Fishing Camp, children will learn the importance of wildlife conservation and how to become good stewards of our natural resources. 

The Why

As of 2023, over 12,000 children live in Aroostook County, Maine. Roughly 1,800 of these children live in poverty. Many children today spend much time "plugged in" to the internet and video games. As technology advances, they are spending less time outdoors. 

We believe that by connecting our youth with wildlife and nature, we can inspire them to become stewards of wildlife conservation. Our focus is on creating outdoor experiences that are both fun and educational, that allow them to connect with nature, and learn about the importance of conserving our natural resources. Maine's natural beauty – rivers, lakes, mountains, and 3,400+ miles of coastline provides the ultimate setting for outdoor learning and adventure. Summer Camps are one way to unplug our youth, get them into the great outdoors and educate them on wildlife conservation. 

The outdoor youth fish and game camps we have selected go beyond wilderness immersion, they create environmental stewards and outdoors enthusiasts, and they also help develop skills. They foster growth in our youth while instilling values such as teamwork, personal responsibility, and respect.

We provide opportunities for our youth to unplug from television, the internet, and video games and learn about fish and game wildlife. Summer Camps are a great way to get them out and into the great outdoors where they can learn teamwork, personal responsibility, and respect. - After getting visitors interested in your cause, you’ll need a clear call to action.

Camp Programs Available

Your gift of $17 a month will send one future Sportsman to camp, where they will be educated and inspired to become a steward for wildlife conservation. Programs available for children of Aroostook County.

Summer Camp 2024: 

We have twelve (12) signed up and several more waiting to be sponsored.

The Presque Isle Fish & Game Club originally started this program in memory of former Chief Warden Pilot John "Jack" McPhee. Jack was killed when his personal Super Cub crashed in Northern Maine. McPhee flew seven thousand square miles of forest as his assigned range with the Maine Warden's Service. Later, he contributed to the Maine Times as a regular columnist and wrote about life in Maine's Great North Woods. To read more about him.. A Writer and Bush Pilot Meet

​The ASA is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit, volunteer organization that relies 100% on sponsor memberships. Donations are tax deductible, so give generously today!

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