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hunters, anglers, trappers, and gun owners organization

The Challenge

With each generation, outdoor field sports have been steadily declining since 1982. Baby Boomers make up a third of all hunters and anglers in the U.S., and for decades, they have dominated hunting culture. However, many are now aging out without younger generations to replace them. Generation X holds its own reasonably well, but it is a smaller group than its parents. It is Generation Y and Z where we are seeing numbers decline at a much faster rate. Urbanization and the increasing use of technology have deterred younger generations from getting outdoors to participate in hunting and fishing.

Why participation in field sports matters: No other group does more for our wildlife and or wild places than moose, deer, duck hunters, trout and salmon fishermen, trappers, and others in field sports. Any decline in hunting and fishing, real or perceived, is of great concern since sportsmen and women provide the lion’s share of funding for wildlife conservation work. ASA is committed to growing our numbers and ensuring the future of our hunting heritage as well as our wildlife and their habitat.

Simply put - Hunters and anglers form the foundation of wildlife conservation, consistently generating more funding for habitat and wildlife management than any other source. By introducing programs, educating youth, and inspiring, we can grow more Sportsmen and Sportswomen to carry on wildlife conservation work.

Young Sportsman with his Dad and whitetail deer.

The Solution

Deer hunters, duck hunters, fly fishermen, trappers, and all others in field sports are at the backbone of conservation in Maine. The more sportsmen and sportswomen that participate, the better off our wildlife will be. By creating, improving, and expanding programs that will attract younger generations, we will have opportunities to reach areas and families where young adults and kids haven't had the same opportunities to hunt, fish, and connect with wildlife. 

Younger generations say that having access to ethically and locally sourced meat has been or would be the biggest motivator for hunting. Studies also tell us that a large number of potential hunters report that they are interested in field sports but did not grow up in families where field sports were encouraged, nor were mentors available to them. 

By focusing on these generations and implementing programs that interest them, we can begin to bridge the gap between screen time and outdoor activities... and ultimately teach them to appreciate nature and care about conservation. Our hope is that many will take an interest in field sports and participate, creating more stewards for wildlife conservation.

Aroostook County Maine wildlife conservation association: Promoting and Preserving our hunting and fishing heritage. We promote several outdoor programs and events. Shooting Range, Gun Safety, NRA courses, Youth Sporting Education, and more.

​The ASA is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit, volunteer organization that relies 100% on sponsor memberships. Donations are tax deductible, so give generously today!

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